How to Avoid Dental Anxiety

Children's DentistryIt’s that time of year again, when your next dentist appointment at Beadnell Family Dentistry is just around the corner. We understand that visiting the dentist office can be cumbersome and even stressful. Dental anxiety is a very real fear for many Americans. Often the anxiety conjures up fears from the past, or even painful experiences that happened when you were a child.

The first step to getting over dental anxiety is to address your fear. Think about where the fear came from. Is it from a childhood experience or maybe it is a fear of the unknown? Hear are some tips to help you feel more comfortable with visiting the dentist.

Address your Fear

People have dental anxiety for all kinds of different reasons. By addressing the fear and looking at the reasons why you feel this way is a good first step to helping you work through the fear.  Identifying the root of your dental anxiety will help you see why you feel that way.  If you worry about how Dr. Beadnell will act regarding your dental anxiety, consider asking yourself these valuable questions.

• Am I afraid of the dentist and what she might say about the state of my mouth? If this is a primary fear,then communication is the best method. When you make your appointment at Beadnell Family Dentistry, talk to the hygienist about your insecurity and fear. She will gladly help you calm down and tell the doctor the situation.

The doctor will be able to help you feel more relaxed if they know what is worrying you. Also remember that Dr. Beadnell and her staff are highly professional people who have your best interest at heart. They are there to help you and improve your health.

• Am I afraid the Dentist might lecture me about the condition of my mouth? If you worry about the dentist being your strict parental figure, it might mean that this is a fear possible traced back to when you were younger. Instead of a lecture, Dr. Beadnell and her team will always offer help and advice on regarding smart health choices. They may educate you on the benefits of flossing and brushing everyday, but they will not reprimand you or make you feel bad for your previous choices. Ultimately your oral health care is up to you. They are just there to help you be as healthy as you can be. They want to help you be healthy. Looking at a dentist as a friend can help ease your anxiety.

 Visualize Your Experience

If you feel anxiety when you think about going to the dentist, consider imagining your way to a happy visit. It’s true that visualization techniques help some of the world’s most successful people manifest their goals. Famous athletes, CEO’s and politicians all use visualization meditations to picture their challenging life events going more smoothly.

You can adapt this same method by picturing yourself enjoying the dentist office, happy and in joy. Imagine yourself sitting in the chair smiling and enjoying the moment, rather than think about the fear and unknown aspect of visiting the dentist, consider painting a perfect picture of your experience. Ask yourself what would make the “ideal” visit to the dentist. What is the dentist like? By imagining the best-case scenario, your fears may subside.

Remember that family dentist in Portland, Oregon Dr. Beadnell and her staff are highly professional people who have your best interest at heart. They are there to help you and improve your health.




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