Thanksgiving Oral Health Tips

Thanksgiving Oral Health Tips

Here at Beadnell Family Dentistry, your Hillsdale dentists of choice, our compassionate staff is thankful for our teeth. In the spirit of thanksgiving we want to say thank you to all our patients and family members. Most of us don’t realize how important our teeth are until they hurt or cause us issues. But taking steps daily to improve your health includes taking care of your teeth all year long.

This holiday season take your smile into consideration by practicing these health tips.

Family Matters

There seems to be a social stigma attached to people with poor oral health. But taking care of your smile is contagious. If you practice good oral hygiene you family will be more likely to do the same. Certain types of dental procedures such as dental implants, getting dentures or a bridge can replace any missing teeth but take care of your teeth daily so you don’t lose any teeth. Your family is important and we always say families that brush together stay together.

Avoid Fatty Foods

Eating a diet high in fat and sugar will cause you to gain weight and maybe get cavities. Sugar is the main culprit for many healthy issues, and it is cooked into a lot of holiday foods. Instead of eating high fat high sugar foods, choose healthy and natural alternatives. Thanksgiving meals are packed with flavor, which are usually high fat flavors. Instead cook with alternatives choices. This will retain the flavor but maintain a healthier approach to your diet.


Smiling will help you feel good as well. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to take care of yourself and your family by being thankful. When we practice loving gratitude we are able to enjoy life more. If you are not confident about your smile, we can help. There is no reason to suffer through low confidence, having a radiant smile will help you feel better about yourself and enjoy your holiday season.


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