Top Back To School Brain Foods that Are good For Your Teeth

Top Back To School Brain Foods that Are good For Your Teeth

Students are getting ready to go back to school, and that means powering up the brains with healthy food is in order. When a chemical is found in some foods, the brain can actually benefit from certain foods. The Earth naturally provides abundant tasty treats for people especially students, but most school cafeterias don’t have these on the menu. These foods can help brain function improve in everyone, plus they are good for your teeth.

1. Hot Chili Peppers

Hot fiery chili pepper will boost alertness especially during cram sessions. Peppers are good for your smile because they can increase salvia flow in the mouth. This can decrease bacteria build up and remove plaque particles. Peppers that are sweet and spicy provide a mega high dose of vitamin C, which can also support your internal health.

2. Cannabis Seeds

Consuming seeds like cannabis won’t really help when it comes to remembering facts in school exams, but these little seeds can boost your brain power. Cannabis (hemp) seeds have alpha linoleic acid (ALA), which helps in the production of strong brain cell membranes which coat the nerve cells and can speed transmission of signals. Other seeds such as chia, walnuts and flax seeds can help improve your smile because they are packed with protein.

3. Potatoes

Brains use a lot of human energy. The brain will use approximately 20 percent of your daily dietary energy. A child’s brains will use even more. Maintaining a balanced level of the sugar glucose in the body and the blood will keep a steady flow of energy pumping the brain. Healthy levels in the body can regulate your memories, because of the glucose.

Eating foods that are starchy like baked potatoes will provide a slow but steady energy source to the brain.

4. Eggs

Eggs are great for your brain and teeth. The amino acid in eggs, tryptophan, relates to many brain functions likes sleep, sensitivity to pain and even a mood stabilizer.  The human body won’t produce its own tryptophan so eating eggs can help improve your health. The amino acid in eggs can be digested and eaten. Eggs contain high levels of tryptophan which help improve concentration.

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