Worth a Thousand Words: Oral Imaging

Worth a Thousand Words: Oral Imaging

Imaging is a critical part of oral care. At Beadnell Family Dentistry, we use digital imaging technology to monitor the health of your bones and teeth. Digital imaging cuts exposure times in half while providing the clearest and most precise picture of how your mouth is doing: from the tips of your nerves down to the root of your tooth!

In addition, Dr. Beadnell uses an intraoral camera– a very, very tiny camera– to get an eye-to-eye view of your teeth, gums, and oral tissues. This kind of technology is part of our excellent preventative care, and helps us to keep tabs on your oral health by spotting any small problems that may arise.

Curious about our cameras?

Ask our team how digital imaging works, or how the intraoral camera takes its pictures at your next appointment with Dr. Beadnell, your dentist in SW Portland.

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